The 3 C’s that helped me out tremendously with my Fibromyalgia and my every day functioning — praying it will help those with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, “chronic unwellness” out too

TL/DR: The 3 C’s that kept me in a bad mood about my Fibro body and brain were: Seeing my condition as a Challenge, being Cynical, and thinking in ways that were always Critical. The 3 C’s that are my brain’s new friends are: being Curious about different ways to use my brain and body that didn’t more pain but kept my mind and body moving, being Compassionate for anything and everything related to suffering from my Fibromyalgia, and learning what Courage is and practicing incorporating it into my life.

I have personally struggled so hard with functioning due to my Fibromyalgia symptoms, and due to poor coping habits, which manifested as a result of being in chronic and worsening pain, that were causing me more harm than good.

The 3 C’s that caused my symptoms to worsen and decrease my ability to function all centered on my attitude towards my Fibro brain and Fibro Body

  1. I saw my Fibromyalgia as an impossible Challenge.
  2. I was Cynical about any other options, about my past/present/future, about my life and the core of my being.
  3. I was extremely Critical against myself, my “failures”, my life circumstances, everything and anything around me.

The new 3 C’s that I have learned to befriend and try to keep in my mind and learn how to adopt into my daily attitude were:

  1. I remained Curious about anything and everything that related to my brain and body functioning, my health, my wellness, my options — this motivated me to try out different ways of moving and using my body, different therapists, and helped me learn to think more “helpfully” and “healthfully” for myself.
  2. I tried my best to learn Compassion, especially towards myself, others around me, my past, my present, anything and everything that hurt me and continue to hurt me, I use as a reminder to be extra compassionate to myself and others around me. This was a hard skill to learn, and I still have a lot to learn.
  3. Courage. This is a tough one. My therapist summed it up for me when he told me “courage is doing the hard things that you know are good for you in the end, and doing them every day”. My confidence was lacking. I grew up poor and scared of life. I didn’t trust my parents. I didn’t trust anyone deeply. I had no idea just how much I made my own life harder by not learning what courage is, and how to use it every day.

Much love to my readers with Fibromyalgia or any other forms of chronic pain and chronic suffering. We are all struggling and suffering together. I have cried the same tears, swore with the same words, and felt the same hopelessness and despair from being in a chronic state of unwellness.




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